When Anxious Strikes, Recite the Next Mantra


When Anxious Strikes, Recite the Next Mantra

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 Jakarta Before the presentation in front of the leadership or meet with prospective in-laws, anxiety often strikes. There are many worries that trigger self-confidence evaporate somewhere. But apparently chanting one particular sentence can help reduce the anxiety that is present. How can?

According to psychologist Sherianna Boyle certain spell sentences can help someone have the power to think positively. Boyle mogalogically with the phone ringing then reflexively made the owner respond to the call. The same thing can happen when repeatedly chanting a particular mantra can affect the subconscious to be more positive.

The impact of chanting a positive mantra can be to control anxiety, be happier, or to boost your confidence. Here are five important spells to say.

1. To be more calm

“Inhale and be calm”

The spell sentence above helps you also take a deep breath. Repeat the sentence over and over, at least five times and peace of mind will be obtained.

2. Facing anxiety

“It will definitely be better than I thought”

Never experienced we were anxious and excited about something, but when faced with it it was not as scary as imagined. Well, when anxious struck say this sentence repeatedly.

According to the author of the book Molecules of Emotion, Candace Pert, chanting this mantra repeatedly makes the mind more open, so there are differences in seeing the world.

3. Achieve success

To have a successful life it is necessary to do various things. First, make a plan. Think about what needs to be done to achieve this. Then, write down the steps on paper.

Second, grow the energy to carry out the plan. And this mantra is one of them to grow the energy of success in life.

4. Happy

When you lose direction, have an ordinary feeling, are confused about where you are going, so you don’t know how to be happier. If so, say the sentence above repeatedly slowly.

This makes you not focus on things that are not present in life, but rather aware of the blessings that are already around.

5. Achieve confidence

This spell will give energy to the mind, body and soul. So that slowly confidence will appear.


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