Left chest pain up to the left arm


Left chest pain up to the left arm

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Anxiety (anxiety/anxiety) is a disturbance of natural feelings of fear or anxiety that is deep and ongoing, does not experience interference in assessing realistic (reality testing ability), is still good, personality is still intact (does not experience personal cracks (spilliting personality), behavior can be disturbed but still within normal limits Anxiety (anxiety) is a feeling of fear that is not clear and is not supported by the situation.

Anxiety disorders (anxiety) are a group of conditions that provide an important picture of excessive anxiety that is accompanied by behavioral, emotional and physiological responses of individuals who experience anxiety disorders

Some manifestations of anxiety:

1. Sleep disturbance

2. Feelings of chest pain

3. Palpitations

4. Muscle pain

Anxious personalities include:

a. Anxious, worried, uneasy, doubtful and doubtful

b. Look to the future with anxiety (worry)

c. Lack of confidence, nervous when appearing in public (stage fright)

d. Often feel innocent, blame others

e. It’s not easy to succumb “often to buzz”

f. Movement is often awry, not calm when sitting, restless

g. Often complain of this and that (somatic complaints), excessive worry about the disease

h. Irritable, like to exaggerate small problems (dramatize)

i. In making decisions, often experience a sense of doubt and doubt

j. When you say something or ask questions often repeatedly

k. When you’re emotional, you often act hysterically

Anxiety disorders can be caused by organic disorders (functional disorders of the body’s system) such as hyperthyroidism, pheochromasitoma (adrenal hormone disorders), and increased catecholamine hormones.

The use of anti-anxiety medications (anti-anxiety) requires strict drug dosage control, sudden stopping the drug can cause withdrawal symptoms (symptoms of rejection).

We recommend that you consult your problem with a psychiatrist to get more intensive treatment


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