Know the Stress Symptoms and How to Overcome It


Know the Stress Symptoms and How to Overcome It

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Feeling anxious, uncomfortable, depressed is normal for humans. Especially for those of us who have a myriad of activities and hormones going up and down, stress is no stranger. Faced with many tasks, tests, and various mind problems make the body vulnerable to stress. Make it a motivation to do things related to stress itself.

Previously, you already knew how stress is actually done? Let’s explore it slowly

Feelings of stress or stress are described as feeling overwhelmed, tense, and worried. This stress is the body’s response to changes that occur around. So, this is very natural. Although it can be considered normal, but if it is excessive, it certainly has a negative impact on the body and psychic.

What are the signs that you are stressed?
Actually the signs are not very visible to be recognized, unless the stress is already high level. When dealing with stressful moments, the body usually responds by activating the nervous system and releasing the hormones adrenaline and cortisol throughout the body. Both of these hormones cause physical changes in the body that help you react quickly and effectively to get through stressful conditions.

After knowing the symptoms, you should also know several types of stress. The types below are classified according to their acute level, from normal to chronic. Anything?

Acute Distress
This is the most common type of stress and is often felt. This stress makes you so scared and confused, for example when taking an impromptu test or want an interview for an internship. Its nature is easily identified and short term, so it is only temporary. For example increased heart rate, shortness of breath, excessive sweating, and cold hands and feet.

Acute Episodic Distress
If this, usually experienced by people who face ongoing stressful situations. People with this type of stress often demand a lot of things (which are actually not necessary) on themselves so they feel depressed. Finally, it becomes irritable and restless, migraines, also tense. For example, when entering a new school and must adapt to the new environment.

Chronic Distress
This type of stress occurs because a person feels prolonged stress and anxiety. Usually comes from events that can not be controlled, such as declining economic conditions, the loss of the closest people, or childhood trauma. If not resolved immediately, it can have a negative impact on both physical and mental health. This can lead to depression to the tendency to commit suicide in extreme cases. In addition to stress management, this type of stress requires medical treatment.

If the symptoms of stress that you feel have begun to interfere, do not hesitate to immediately seek help. Do not even close yourself more huh. Try sharing with family, maybe brother or mama can provide a solution. There is no harm in also asking for advice from teachers and friends who you trust.

Actually, if you can maintain feelings of anxiety and excessive fear that is felt, stress will not last long. But there are several ways that you can reduce stress levels. Please try!

1. Take a deep breath

Regulate long breath will make the heartbeat and pulse beat normally. The body and face muscles become more relaxed.

2. Eat and sleep well

Eating healthy and regularly and getting enough sleep will clear your mind. Try practicing sleep 8 hours a day. From now on, try eating healthy foods, starting with almonds, yogurt, fruit, and green tea. If you slowly get used to, of course it will be a good habit for you in the future.

3. Calm the mind

Look for activities that can make your mind calm like yoga, listening to music, coloring, or playing with pets.

4. Say something positive

Saying a positive ‘mantra’ to yourself will make you more confident and energetic. For example “I certainly can work on the SBMPTN problem smoothly.” If you’ve experienced failure? Say “Today I failed. But I will rise to continue to pursue my goals. “

5. Recreation

This is an effective way to ward off stress. By seeing the ‘environment’ and the new atmosphere, you will be much more relaxed. In addition, recreation will keep you from being bored and having fun.


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