Do not be afraid! This is how to deal with panic attacks in public places


Do not be afraid! This is how to deal with panic attacks in public places

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Lisa Gallagher, mental health activist tells about her first experience when exposed to panic attacks in public on her personal blog. At that time, he along with his daughter and colleagues attended a horse show in Columbus Ohio. They really enjoyed the spectacular show.

Until when they entered the bazaar area in a large room, he saw so many people who met various vendors selling. He felt uncomfortable when he arrived in the middle of the room, his heart pounding, the noise of the crowd made the atmosphere worse. He began to fret and panic, it feels like to faint.

Gallagher’s colleague, seeing that he was already in a pale state, so he took over the daughter who was in the arms of Gallagher. After that, Gallagher immediately ran out of the room, he was very afraid to faint or even die in that place. All he needed at that moment was fresh air and get out of the room as soon as possible.
“The air was around 30 degrees but it felt like 90 degrees. I held back my tears, feeling frustrated, scared and confused. That was the first time when I was hit by a panic attack, where everyone noticed me and thought that I was a freak, seeing me running in all

Luckily he brought personal medicine when he left, at that time he had just been diagnosed with anxiety disorders and never knew that he would experience panic attacks outside the home. He thought, panic attacks would never come when he was on the move or doing what he loved. But in fact.

Gallagher wants all of us to be sensitive to mental health issues and be aware of conditions that can happen at any time in our lives. Panic attacks or panic attacks come without symptoms, it is not known what causes a person to have a panic attack suddenly.

When a panic attack comes in public, the thing that might be done is run and avoid the place where he was attacked. The worst thing about panic attacks is that they will try to avoid the same situation or become agoraphobia, because they don’t want to experience the same thing.

Anxiety will further develop because it is overshadowed by previous events. If so, he must immediately need help by contacting a professional. However, there are several ways you can do when experiencing panic attacks in public. Released by the Cleveland Clinic this method might help you be more calm and in control, as follows:

1- Don’t fight the feeling, feel it and let it flow. Panic attacks are a little counterintuitive, so you just have to feel it and let it go away on its own.

2- Practice to feel it fully by regulating breathing normally but never think of stopping panic immediately. You just need to focus on your current state and try to breathe normally as usual. This does require practice, how you need to try to leave things as they are and not try to change things.

3- Be an observer. If you feel short of breath or feel nauseous, try to feel the unusual situation. Then measure how uncomfortable the feeling is, from toe to head. Use the lowest size range 0 and 100, which parts are uncomfortable. Believe me when you start trying to measure it calmly, your panic level will decrease.

4- Pay attention to your surroundings with your senses. Watch with your sense of sight or feel the atmosphere with your sense of smell at that time. When you try to look around calmly, your panic will be better, because there really is no danger around you.

5- Make eye contact with people around you. Maybe it will indeed feel difficult. because at that moment in your mind you just want to go and run away. But try to make eye contact and talk with others will help your panic attacks to leave immediately.


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