Anxiety Disorder or Panic Attack, Different Triggers and Symptoms


Anxiety Disorder or Panic Attack, Different Triggers and Symptoms

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Anxiety disorder or anxiety disorder is a mental disorder that greatly interferes with the activities of sufferers. Anxiety disorder sufferers tend to feel anxiety that can not be controlled without a clear threat or feel anxious about something that does not threaten the sufferer.

Besides anxiety disorder, you may also have heard about panic attacks. Both are associated with anxiety and cause negative effects on sufferers. However, what is the difference between the two?

Difference between anxiety disorder and panic attack
Anxiety disorder and panic attacks are usually considered to be the same two things, whereas anxiety disorder and panic attacks are two different terms. However, you can experience panic attacks due to anxiety disorder or vice versa.

In terms of understanding
In terms of understanding, anxiety disorder and panic attack are two different terms. Anxiety disorder refers to mental disorders that have characteristic anxiety, such as PTSD, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), and so on.

Meanwhile, panic attack or panic disorder is a feeling of fear that appears suddenly and feels intense. You may experience panic disorder without a certain mental disorder.

Triggers and characteristics of ‘attacks’
In sufferers of anxiety disorder, anxiety that is felt will increase over time and sufferers will feel uneasy about the possibility of a threat. If anxiety cannot be dammed, sufferers will feel overwhelmed.

Symptoms of anxiety disorder can last for several minutes, hours, days, weeks, or even months. However, symptoms of anxiety disorder will not be as intense as panic attacks.

Anxiety experienced by sufferers of anxiety disorder has clear triggers, such as cat phobia, and so on.

Whereas in panic attacks, panic experiences experienced suddenly appear without any apparent reason or trigger. Symptoms of panic attacks can be experienced for approximately 10 minutes or more. Sometimes, sufferers can experience panic attacks at the same time.

Sometimes, a panic attack sufferer can feel anxiety or stress throughout the day before experiencing a panic attack.

Different symptoms
Sometimes, anxiety disorder and panic attacks are considered the same because they have similar symptoms, such as shortness of breath, chest pain, and other physical symptoms. However, in fact, both have several different symptoms. In anxiety disorder the symptoms experienced can include sleep disturbance, muscle aches, and so on.

However, panic attack sufferers have other symptoms that are not experienced by sufferers of anxiety disorders, such as fear that the patient will die, feel out of control or go crazy, and experience awareness that is free from the surrounding environment (depersonalization).

Causes anxiety disorders and panic attacks
Although different, but sometimes anxiety disorder and panic attacks have the same cause. However, keep in mind that panic attacks often have unknown triggers and appear suddenly.

Triggers that cause anxiety disorder and panic attacks can be physical or emotional triggers. Physical triggers can be in the form of consumption of certain drugs, experiencing certain physical pain, and so on. While emotional triggers can be due to stress at work, phobias, past trauma, and so on.


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