Advice from Experts to Overcome Panic Attacks


Advice from Experts to Overcome Panic Attacks

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Jakarta You may often experience sudden panic attacks. If you experience heart palpitations, chest pain, numbness in your legs, you are experiencing a panic attack.

Reported by the Huffington post, Tuesday (2/20/2018), Cardiologists from Orange Coast Medical Center in Fountain Valley California, Sanjiv Patel revealed panic attacks can occur because stress hormone levels suddenly surge. Therefore, here are some tips for dealing with panic attacks:

1. Change your mind

When faced with panic attacks, your body will experience a very strong anxiety reaction. The psychologist at Santa Monica California, Kathryn Moore, says that, although it’s difficult, you need to tell yourself that everything is fine.

By changing irrational thoughts into rational, the body will become calmer.

2. Relaxation exercises

To calm yourself from panic attacks, you need to practice progressive muscle relaxation. The technique is done by selecting a group of muscles, tightening it and then releasing it slowly. You can try it by squeezing both hands tightly, then let go slowly.

Feeling muscles that tighten and relax will not only change the focus of your mind, but can help relax tense muscles. This is because when a panic attack occurs, the muscles will become reflexes become tight.


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